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Awesome Book Giveaway!

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Five eBOOK BASICS–Are you Getting it Right? Or Forgetting it Wrong?

Jackie Weger

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Five Basic Steps to Best Book Presentation

There are thousands of promoters and indie author insiders calling themselves Experts and every single one has some offer in hand that will teach you how to sell your book–or if you fork over $$$–they will sell your book for you and pretty soon you will be a bestselling author. Golly.  Guess what? You won’t find those folks listed in the Yellow pages under EXPERT. There ain’t any.

Every indie book written by you and me is not gonna make the bestseller lists.

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Here is how to make the most of your giveaways

We indie authors love our giveaways. We engage in Rafflecopters and blog tours and contests in which we give away books, swag, gift cards, and sometimes even Paypal $$$. eNovel Authors at Work tasks Book Partners in Crime Promotions (BPiC) to design our Rafflecopters and arrange our book tours in which we offer books and Amazon Gift Cards to winners. When the tour or Rafflecopter is completed we get a winners list with names and email addys and what the winner has won. Next, each author gets busy and sends those winners their prize. Most of us send a quick email congratulating the winner, and let them know the prize is on its way.  However you can dress up that email to make it a a bit more than a Plain Jane notice which will help the winner remember you and your book. Call it branding.

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