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eBook Promoters ~ The Best & The Worst Part 2

What makes a good promotion service?

Here is the answer: Results.

This the second in a series of articles about book promoters and promotion services for indie books.  In eNovel Authors at Work we tell it like it is. marketing-strategy-planIf you see a book promotion or author service on this site–we like it. We know who administers the site, we talk to them and we engage with those owners. We rate our promoters. We have a Preferred list. Some promoters are Above the Fold. They consistently perform. Some are Below the Fold. That does not mean they are second tier. We promote with them when our budgets allow in small promotions and always when we are Shooting the Moon. Some promo sites are super for  books priced FREE. Some are less so for books priced 99¢ in Kindle Countdown deals. When we promote a book priced FREE, we are looking for exposure and volume downloads. When we promote 99¢, we expect a Return on Investment (ROI).

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