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Would your books fit eNovel Author’s at Work? Do you pay it forward?

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If you would like to be part of our growing community of independent authors who pay it forward for each other, please get in touch. You can email us at and Jackie will be delighted to chat with you about your books and your marketing plans. Please email us first! Do include your name and a link to your webpage and one book on Amazon. An email that arrives that reads: “Hi, how do I join?” is ignored. Here is why: We are an organization. You need to know a little about us. And say so.

Sending  an email with your book covers and Find Me Here links and telling eNovel Authors at Work to promote your books won’t get you anywhere except deleted.  Members must be able to participate and to pay it forward.

Before you email us, please read the following:

Once we know you and your books fit with eNovel Authors at Work  and not before,  we will be in touch. These are the things that will happen:

We will ask for the following:

  • A Word document attachment containing your bio
  • A Word document attachment containing all of your social media links, including your website/blog, Amazon author page, Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin etc. Title this document Find me Here (Your Name).
  • Your photo
  • In the body of the email please list:
  1. The book titles you would like featured on your author page. They must all be available to purchase as Kindles on Amazon and must be indie published. If you have several titles, specify if titles are in a series and choose three that are the most important to you. Sometimes it takes a while to get several books uploaded to an Author page.
  2. Please specify which one title you would like featured on the Welcome page slider
  3. Please specify which genre(s) you wish to be added to.

We will review your submission and be in touch ASAP.

Please bear with us if this takes a while. We will notify you if we need anything clarified and when your pages go live.

 Our Expectations

In the year + months that eNovel Authors at Work website has been operational it has received a lot of traffic, it is therefore a great free marketing tool for your books. Even is you do not become a member, the articles/blogs are useful. Use them.

Please understand eNovel Authors at Work is an all volunteer group.  We are still tweaking the website. We are all learning. Our goal from start to finish is helping authors get the most from their efforts. We are about the BOOK.  We get dozens of submissions a week from new indie authors. We often find a title has issues in construction, formatting and verb tenses. We find ill-composed book descriptions and dead-end Amazon Author pages. We can steer you in the right direction to repair the issues so that your book is presented to the reading public in the best possible light. If you are not comfortable with this process…there is just no nice way to say it: Move on. We won’t be able to work with you.

We don’t ask for money but we do ask for your co-operation in sharing our site, your fellow eNovellers and our blog posts with your online networks. Paying-it-Forward means: Reading  and commenting on eNovel articles, following member authors on Twitter and FB; Participating in book promotions, Blog Hops/Tours and Tweet Fests when organized and as time permits. And anything else we can learn about to help your book gain visibility and sales.

Just so you know: New Members are expected to do the following:

  1. Download and learn how to use Hootsuite. Play with it. It’s free. You can’t kill it. You will need it for Tweet Fests and Retweeting.
  2. Submit your book for a review to BigAl’s Books and Pals.  Mention eNovel (but don’t ask for any favors). Follow Big Al’s instructions!
  3. Follow and subscribe to Indies Unlimited. You’ll be glad you did. It is the premier site for indie authors.
  4. Subscribe to eNovel’s newsletter, you can do that in the right sidebar of any page on this website. It is all about books.
  5. When you read eNovel blog posts, it is important for you to comment, add to the discussion, and share.
  6. Put eNovel Authors at Work icon on your blog and or Webpage. If you don’t know how to do this, let us know and we will help you.
  7. Visit eNovel at Work Author pages and say hello. Mention you are a new member.
  8. Buy and read David Gaughran’s book: Let’s Get Visible  It contains crucial info indie authors must know to understand how best to present and promote ebooks.

Above all eNovel Authors at Work cannot help you unless you first help yourself.  Ours is an active site. Please check in often.  It takes a community to market our books. eNovel Authors at Work strives to be a viable and successful part of that community.

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Jackie Weger, Founder eNovel Authors at Work

Amy Vansant eNovel WP Volunteer









  1. Jackie Weger says:

    May 26, 2014

    This is one of eNovel Authors at Work most popular page for lurkers! If the instructions on this submissions page seems overwhelming, let me share something with you: The above is a blueprint for success. Every single successful indie author has read David Gaughran’s book, mastered Twitter and Hootsuite, keeps handy a Find Me Here file with all of his/her SOE links, maintains several bios, has a webpage and blog and a newsletter. All of the above is the backside of writing. It is not accomplished overnight. It is a heads up for savvy authors. They know the difference between Author Central and KDP Select. They know how to freshen their bios and blurbs. They know the difference between a promotion for exposure and promotion designed to sell books. Above all savvy authors know how to network and pay it forward. You don’t have to be a member of this group to do all of those things. All of the information is here for you to use or not.


  2. Neil Ostroff says:

    What Jackie says is true. We may be independent but we are very dedicated to our craft. Follow all the submission rules and you will be joining a great community of talent writers. We are very serious.

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