Plotting Your Book’s Life in 2017


marketing-strategy-planThere are two laments we hear day in and day out from indie authors: How do I get reviews and how do I promote my book? The first complaint can be easily addressed.  Put this gentle plea for a review right after THE END of your story.  More details HERE.

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you, again. [author name].

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Review Mania ll


It never stops…

eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

Good afternoon. I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work. It has been a short three years  since I stepped into our indie author universe. The single word that has resonated during these years is Review. Spend ten minutes surfing Facebook and lurking in forums and you will come across a plethora of posts by indie authors begging for book reviews.  Many indie authors want those reviews as affirmation that  he or she can write and tell a story. That is NOT the province of a review. Readers and bloggers share their opinions of books to alert the next reader if that reader might or might not enjoy the book.

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