Reviews! What fool Expert are you listening to now?

Author Achilles Heel ~ Reviews…Again..

eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow.

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow.

Oh, Mercy me…I don’t know where my brain was when I considered it was just indie authors hungering for reviews. Nope. Contracted authors, especially those under contract with small publishers or online publishers are searching for reviews, too.  I’m hearing from them. So called experts and PR folks who want in your wallet and play and prey on the needy author are convincing the authors that reviews sell books.

Count The Roses Final MEDIUM

Released May 26, 2016. 26 Organic Reviews after a small promotion November, 2016. Patience counts.

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Is Amazon Really Stupid?

eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow.

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow.

What do you think?

Folks, I am in no way a spokesperson for Amazon. I doubt Amazon even knows I exist outside of books I upload. Amazon previews cover art and text for publication, says yea or nae and Amazon is done with me.

In the past ten days since Amazon posted new review policies authors are in an uproar.  Across the spectrum reader and blogger reviews are being pulled or not allowed. Here’s the skinny: Amazon has a TOS for authors, publishers and reviewers. Yes it does. But few read those things. Amazon explains what no compensation means. Amazon explains what a friend is or is not.

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Now I know why

Savvy authors distance themselves from those less savvy

eNovel Authors at Work…A group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. …..ALWAYS FREE…..

Listen up. I was dumb as rock when I entered our digital universe. I signed a seven book contract with an online publisher that was the pits. They did not move sweet romance books. I went to the publisher’s Skype forums and was told SEX SELLS. So? The other authors sneered at me because I wrote sweet romance. I wanted out. Took two years.  A senior editor moved on to open her own business. She was gonna help me to the tune of $1000. Paid her. Later, I learned she had been fired. I won’t go into everything that happened, but I will tell you this: I had the common sense to know I was getting scammed. My bad. I was easy prey. I stopped on a dime and learned this indie publishing business. eNovel Authors At Work is the result of that dime.

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MASTERING AMAZON 4th in The Series


genre…We learn that helps us to success as we hone our indie authorship skills.  You can take all sorts of virtual courses, hire as many PR experts as your wallet can handle and not one will tell you the little things that work. Here’s why: They don’t know them. So let’s just look at a couple or three features on Amazon that you can use today to benefit your book. Won’t cost you five cents.

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Amazon is Flat Out on a Roll…

eNovel Authors at Work...a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. Always FREE

eNovel Authors at Work…a group of indie authors sharing our experiences and ehow. …..Always FREE…. Always Author Choice

New updates to Amazon Terms of Service and techie stuff just keeps on coming.  In eNovel Authors at Work we have jumped on Amazon Giveaways to build our follow list. We do this to snag the email Amazon sends out to one’s followers upon a new release. That’s huge. IMO, that Amazon email fits the bill for those of us who are newbies without a huge personal following. Pre-order doesn’t work for those of us still trying to get a foothold and get our books visible among the five million ebooks available to readers.  It’s a short leg up. But every little bit helps.

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Blogging ~ A Call to Action? Or Not…

Blogging Off-Topic

marketing-strategy-planSince I first stepped into indie authorship, advice has poured into my mailbox that I must blog. And recently suggestions are piling up telling me to blog about anything other than my books.  Blog about cooking or recipes or crystals or knitting… And once foodies, new age aficionados or knitters are following my blog, they might also notice I write romance novels and buy one. HUH?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but those folks who are telling me and you how to generate sales by blogging off-topic are

 Where some author advice belongs

Where some author advice belongs

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Joining eNovel Authors at Work

Are you considering membership in eNovel Authors at Work?

Sorry, but Membership is Closed until Further Notice

eNovel Round Logo (2)Hello, and welcome. I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work.  We open membership several times a year.  We are always on the lookout for indie authors with good books and a great attitude. Right this minute most of our authors are in promotions and gearing up for the fall season. We adore our new members and enjoy meeting them, downloading their books and in general making them welcome into our private Facebook Hub from whence all good information flows. As most of you know, autumn is our selling season, so we lack time to usher in new members.

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Authors Spew Vitriol at FREE Books-Again!

marketing-strategy-plan“Nobody is buying my book because they can read all they want for FREE.”

You have heard that.  It never stops. There is across our indie author universe a huge outcry about authors who promote their books for FREE and/or 99¢ . The consensus of those pickle-sour notes is: Nobody is buying books because they can read all they want for free. “Where did you get that idea?”

“BookBub is a ripoff and detrimental to indies. Readers are so used to getting eBooks for free that no one expects to pay a red cent anymore.” True or False? Read on. You decide.

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eBook Promoters ~ The Best & The Worst Part 3

ePromoter Hype

What to believe…or NOT

eNovel Round Logo (2)This is the third in a series of articles about ebook promoters and indie author services. One of the most difficult tasks we indies face is how to sort the gold from the glitter. Not a day goes by that we don’t get emails telling us what wonderful services the promoter can provide and how that promoter will take our books to glorious heights. Yep. And all we have to do is register and send $$$. I always ask: Who are you? What do you do? How much do you charge? One promoter responded:

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Five eBOOK BASICS–Are you Getting it Right? Or Forgetting it Wrong?

Jackie Weger

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Five Basic Steps to Best Book Presentation

There are thousands of promoters and indie author insiders calling themselves Experts and every single one has some offer in hand that will teach you how to sell your book–or if you fork over $$$–they will sell your book for you and pretty soon you will be a bestselling author. Golly.  Guess what? You won’t find those folks listed in the Yellow pages under EXPERT. There ain’t any.

Every indie book written by you and me is not gonna make the bestseller lists.

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