How to Learn Html; The Easy Way For Beginners

How to Learn Html

I like to read books, then looking for a solution to this problem I went to Google with queries like “HTML book”, “HTML tutorial”, “HTML for dummies” and others like them. Googling a little, I was convinced that there are a huge number of books on this topic (for example, a search for the query “html” on the website gives 206 results), and to understand, read reviews to understand which of the books is most suitable for my needs, how usually it happens in such cases, laziness.


I talked about this with a programmer from Netpeak. He said that learning HTML is very easy – just read the HTML tutorial from Postroika ( and complete all the practical tasks that are described there. And I also read about this “building” on the blog of an SEO amateur – the author of the blog, Ekaterina Tarasova, recommends this tutorial. Thus, as you know, information from two independent authoritative sources can be accepted as a correct opinion.

So, in my opinion, in order to learn HTML, you need to take at least the following steps:

what HTML is in order to have a general idea of ​​where this term came from, what it means and why this language is needed. Learn with hands-on tasks HTML tutorial for dummies from By the way, in the same place, on the site, you can download the textbook to your computer’s hard drive so that you can study it also offline.

And of course, use the language in practice. For example, if you are blogging, you can write the texts of posts not in the visual editor, but in the HTML editor (see the figure below). Also, I recommend using the EditPlus application as an editor for writing and editing HTML code. It is convenient in that it highlights the HTML tags (tags) and the text itself with different colors, which will greatly facilitate attempts to understand your own “html-writing”


HTML editor in the free blogging platform blogpost (blogger).

Perhaps my minimum list of necessary steps in solving this issue is imperfect, and you have your own recipes on how to learn html, then you can share them in the comments.


HTML for beginners – how to learn it

 Welcome to the pages of my blog. HTML is a simple markup language used to create web pages. I said that it is simple so that you do not get scared of studying it. The html language for beginners is just perfect – it is much more difficult to immediately master a programming language from scratch, but html is really much easier. In this article, I want to tell you how to learn this language most quickly and effectively, so that in a month or two you will know it perfectly. Do you think it’s impossible? I started learning html at the end of March. At the end of May, I already knew 90% of the tags needed to work without any problems.


How to learn a language for free?

 Of course, you should find some useful sites to explore as quickly as possible. First, the html reference comes in handy. Even seasoned programmers use it, because it is simply impossible to keep dozens of tags and their attributes in mind. From the reference books I can advise you – htmlbook. This is a really cool site, which contains all the tags, shows the result of their work with a detailed description. But the reference book is just an additional tool, the greatest effect can be achieved with real practice.


Interactive courses

 And here I am talking about interactive courses. This is the ability to write code and immediately see how it is displayed. In the course, you will be given assignments. At first, simple ones, for example, turn the text into a heading or make a table. Then it’s harder. Eventually, you will gain an understanding of what you can do with HTML. If you think you have to pay for it, you are wrong.

Htmlacademy is a great site with html and css courses. The first 16-18 courses are free! If you want to continue your studies and get access to paid ones, you will have to pay 300 rubles per month or 1800 per year. Personally, I gave 300 rubles, went through all the paid courses in a month and got a lot of benefit from it.


Importance of records

Another tip from me – write it down! Write down any information that is new and important to you. Without writing down, you run the risk of not fixing the necessary knowledge in your memory. Personally, I have three common notebooks on my shelf, almost completely covered with writing and from time to time I look into them when I forget this or that property.


Learning html and css in parallel

 HTML is just one web technology that shapes the structure and layout of a web page. CSS is fully responsible for the design in site building. These languages ​​need to be learned at the same time because they interact with each other.



 With a little knowledge, you can practice on your own. How to do it? Try an article with pictures, a spreadsheet, a nested list, a simple two-column page layout, or something else. You have to practice because this is the only way to quickly get your brain to understand how things work.

Yes, this is an advertisement, but I hope you find it useful. GetUniq is a service for webmasters and all people working with traffic, with the help of which you can more profitably replenish accounts in the offices of advertising networks, such as Yandex.Direct, MyTarget, VK Target and others. Without using the service, you will have to pay 1180 rubles for replenishing an account in Direct with 1000, and using Getuniq’s capabilities for the same 1180, 1100-1200 rubles will be credited to your account! The same goes for all other networks. I myself have already started using it and have recommended it to all the webmasters I know, and I recommend it to you too. If you wish, at this link you can read my review of the service.


Lessons from the webformyself team

Webformyself is a wonderful internet portal that provides a ton of information on site building. On their site you can find many free articles on HTML, CSS and site layout, but they also released paid video tutorials, the goal of which is to convey useful knowledge to you as quickly as possible.

This is usually done in order to learn how to make up site layouts on your own. If you also have such a goal, then purchasing access to premium lessons on is a great option for you. As a result, you can get not only access to tutorials on HTML and CSS, but also many others. For example, JavaScript and WordPress.

Here is a link to the description of the premium section. There are useful lessons there, including the opportunity to design your first layout based on the lessons. This is very important, because you will get good practice, after which you can get your hands on your own, trying to typeset other layouts for sites that you find on the net.


How long does it take to learn languages?

 it took me several months. If you know where to get knowledge, then the learning process can be accelerated several times. I gave you good sites with useful materials – then it’s up to you. Basically, the above resources are the best on the internet. For example, more than one hundred thousand people have taken courses from Htmlacademy, and more than 87 thousand people have subscribed to Webformyself updates.


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