Microsoft Build new look of Windows 11 start menu

The latest Windows 11 Insider Preview shows the upcoming start menu design. The tech giant also calls the look Fluent Design. This preview version, known under number 17004, is not intended for the upcoming Fall Creators Update but the Windows 11 version after that (Red-stone 4). Fluent Design is Microsoft’s new design language. The Fall Creators Update of windows 11 release date, available June 24, will allow users to see some of the new look. Some applications and features are related to Fluent Design, including Action Center. Fluent Design includes Acrylic Material. This gives applications an opaque, layered effect. This should provide more depth, as well as Connected animation for creating transition scenes and Parallax 3D effects.

This preview shows how Reveal effect works in the start menu. This is a light effect to draw the user’s attention to elements of the screen. Specifically, these elements require an action, such as an app button, when hovering over the cursor. In the new start menu, users will see each button in a gray-tinted box. You can see what that looks like at the bottom of this post.


Other functions

Another tweak in 17004 is the default pinning of Microsoft Edge to the desktop. The Expand and Clear all text in the Action Center also changes color in the preview to match the accent color in a user’s Settings. The new Windows 11 download  version also gets a new color wheel in Color & High Contrast Settings.

Redstone 4 is already starting to take shape, although we will start with the Fall Creators Update first. In a previous post on Our website, it was already read that this pays a lot of attention to matters related to creativity. This includes improved options for using a stylus, Paint 3D and Mixed Reality.

Windows 11 restarts without Permission to install Updates

Windows 11 users who install the latest June OS update run the risk of doing a hard reboot on their own. Microsoft is currently working on a fix for the reported issue.

Windows 11 received the previously announced May update ( version 2004 ) late last month , although it has not yet been rolled out on all PCs with the OS . Earlier this month, Microsoft introduced the new update known as Patch Tuesday, which focuses on rolling out a series of security enhancements. One problem: A bug in versions 1909, 1903 and 2004 of Windows 11 causes the system to crash and force restart.

The bug is said to be related to the Local Security Authority Process, which regulates user authentication in WinLogon. Users are then presented with an error message that either states that the PC will restart automatically in one minute, or that a restart will occur immediately.

Microsoft has announced in a statement that it is aware of the problem, but a patch will certainly take a few more weeks. The tech giant expects to fix the problem by mid-July at the earliest. Users who experience problems are advised to uninstall the update using the Windows Update uninstall feature.

It is certainly not the first time that Microsoft rolls out an update for Windows 11 that is accompanied by the necessary problems. The May update (2004) had the task of improving the stability of the OS, but for some users it actually caused the dreaded Blue Screens of Death (BSoD), as well as problems with audio devices. The update that preceded the 2004 version had a similar issue with BSoDs, as did the random (and unsolicited) removal of apps from the Microsoft store.

Microsoft has made the May 2020 update of Windows 11 generally available 

The update for the operating system will be rolled out a few weeks after it was made available to developers. Microsoft has been rolling out larger updates for the OS in phases for some time now, whereby the OEMs and then developers are given the opportunity to try out the latest features. After a period of usually a few weeks, the update will also be rolled out to the general public.

There are no big surprises in the list of new features due to previous builds, but the update does come with some useful improvements. For example, it has become less cumbersome to pair bluetooth devices (previously users had to click through numerous settings, now it goes via the notification tab). It is also possible to automatically reopen more apps after a system restart.

The new update for Windows 11 is also interesting for gamers, since the 19041 build includes a number of DirectX 12 Ultimate features and the ability to tweak the Xbox Game Bar. Third-party widgets can now be added, allowing users to fully personalize the bar.

The May 2020 update of Windows 11 will roll out during this week, but should be available immediately to users using version 1903 or version 1909 of the operating system.

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