Typing Master Pro Uses and Features Review

Typing Master Pro is an effective and adaptable composing mentor that acclimates to the client’s adapting needs. At Typing Master, we consider our client’s time valuable. That is the reason our group has fostered a bunch of Optimal Learning highlights to rouse the client, speed up learning and save time. Ideal Learning highlights support your learning from multiple points of view.

Typing Master Pro Uses

At the point when you perceive how you are gaining fast headway and arriving at your objectives, you’ll be roused to continue onward. On the off chance that flimsy points are identified, they are killed quickly with tweaked survey works out. You can undoubtedly fit preparing to your timetable gratitude to our reduced down drills. At long last, whenever you have finished the composing courses the extraordinary TypingMaster Satellite incorporates preparing into your ordinary work and you can keep sharpening your abilities with customized works out.

The primary concern – you will obtain better composing abilities in less time. In just 3 to 5 hours, contingent upon your advancement, you can dominate the letter keys and regular accentuation and make your new abilities into move. You would then be able to proceed by taking the Speed Building Course, learning the number line, the unique stamps and surprisingly the 10-key cushion. TypingMaster Pro 7 is intended for clients from ages 12 to grown-up. Whenever utilized by more youthful kids, we do suggest parent or educator direction.


Taking the Touch Typing Course

Start TypingMaster Pro. Give your name on the login screen and snap Enter. At the point when you sign in the program the absolute first time, you will be taken to the course determination screen. We suggest that you start with Step 1, the Touch Typing Course. Snap on “Start Course” to proceed to the course content page. The course content page shows you the design of the course and is appeared naturally when you first access a course. You can get to the course content page any time from the composing exercises.

Snap on “Start Course” again to go to the principal exercise. The activity you should take next is featured. To begin, essentially click on the featured exercise. Exercise 1.1 is a “Perused Only”. It gives you a speedy prologue to the typing by memory method and a few hints before you start the genuine drills. There are some other “Read just” practices in the course that give extra data, for instance “Getting Results” in exercise 1 and “Ergonomics” in exercise 3.

Exercise 1.2 is the principal composing drill and trains the home line keys ASDF JKL; At the point when “Enhanced Duration” is being used, you can set an exactness focus for yourself. Exercise span relies upon how well you arrive at the precision focus, with some thought to your composing speed as well. The alternative to change the objective is given in the start of each composing drill. On the off chance that you would prefer not to change the exactness objective, basically press “Space” to start the drill.

Proceed with the course to see the diverse exercise types in TypingMaster Pro. As you learn more keys, the activities become more shifted. Capitalization and the period are instructed in exercise 5 and from that point on, the program can mimic genuine composing impeccably.


Typing Master Pro Key Features

Typing courses

Notwithstanding the Touch Typing Course that covers the letter keys and regular accentuation, TypingMaster highlights four extra composing courses. These are Speed Building Course, Numbers Course, Special Marks Course and Numeric Keypad Course. You can get to any of these courses any time by tapping the “Shift Direction” button at the upper right corner on the exercise screen and choosing another course from the course choice screen. Speed Building Course is prescribed as Step 3 in figuring out how to type, different courses are recorded under Step 4 Advanced Courses.


TypingMaster Satellite

TypingMaster Pro highlights a one of a kind Satellite instrument that can be initiated to follow your true composing and make completely altered activities dependent on what you type every day, not what is in the composing works out. With the Satellite, you can zero in preparing on your troublesome keys and words to sharpen your abilities long in the wake of completing the composing courses. You can likewise follow your composing abilities advancement in the long haul and view fascinating insights of your every day composing.

The Satellite works best in the wake of finishing the composing courses however you can initiate it from the start to begin aggregating information of your composing. At that point, whenever you have finished the courses, you as of now have broad information of your true composing and can keep preparing with the Satellite. The more you type and the more information the Satellite gathers, the more engaged and shifted its custom drills will turn into.


Typing tests

TypingMaster Pro highlights a composing test module with an enormous determination of test messages. You can likewise add your own writings the program and use them in the tests. To take a composing test, click on “Composing Test” in the program menu. Select the content you need to utilize, set composing test term and snap “Start Test”. After the test, you will be shown your outcomes and you can likewise view and print a test report. Composing test are put away and can be seen from “Finished Tests” box at the base left on the Typing Test screen.



TypingMaster Pro highlights a survey module for assaulting the troublesome keys and sharpening your abilities. On the off chance that troublesome keys are identified in the drills, the program consequently prescribes to survey. Be that as it may, you can utilize the Review any time you need to for extra practice.

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