Xiaomi Mi Watch Review, Features and More

Xiaomi Mi Watch Features and More

The Xiaomi Mi Watch, dispatched close by a Lite form with a marked down wellness list at a large portion of the non-Lite adaptation’s cost, is a genuinely minimal expense smartwatch with an enormous number of wellness modes, a reasonable scope of wellbeing highlights, and a couple of center way of life works as well.

While most well-known cell phone marks additionally have worldwide wearable arms – Samsung, Huawei and Oppo all sell smartwatches and wellness trackers in western business sectors, for instance – it took Xiaomi until late 2020 to follow after accordingly and extend its wearables activity past China, with its Mi Watch disclosed in September 2020, and just dispatched in mid-2021.

Xiaomi Mi Watch

It’s not difficult to see the Xiaomi Mi Watch as a contender to Fitbit’s Versa range – like those gadgets it’s a mid-valued wearable with a strong center of highlights, however without the inside and out very good quality wellbeing and exercise following of a more top notch gadget. In any case, while Fitbit has a biological system of items and programming to make the Versa range an enticing purchase, Xiaomi has picked to bring to the table it’s anything but a much lower cost.

This is a fine smartwatch, however one with a couple of issues – in the event that we needed to summarize the Mi Watch’s shortcomings in a single articulation, it would be this: the watch has an immense expansiveness of highlights, yet less in the method of profundity.

You can follow the rhythmic movements of your pulse, your energy level, your pressure, your rest, your means, and the sky is the limit from there – with the exception of the numbers aren’t in every case right. We every now and again found that rest following wasn’t sufficiently brilliant to recognize ‘dozing’ and ‘relaxing in bed’, for instance, while the pressure tracker would in general conflate ‘profoundly focused’ with ‘just had a pleasant hot mug of espresso’. This isn’t to imply that this load of modes are straight-up wrong, and we regularly discovered them valuable, yet the errors stuck out.

There are more than 100 wellness racking modes, which fluctuate inside and out and intricacy, yet they’re regularly beautiful valuable, and the underlying GPS proves to be useful for heaps of them. At the point when you go for a run, heaps of measurements are followed to give nitty gritty examination of your efforts, however you need to utilize the Xiaomi Wear application to get all the input.

Of course, a portion of the exercise modes aren’t as top to bottom as running, which is seemingly the most famous one, however then factors like height or area aren’t particularly helpful for sports like Tai Chi. furthermore, we discovered loads of the data was genuinely exact, in spite of the fact that distance now and then felt a smidgen off.

A defective encounter is not out of the ordinary given the Xiaomi Mi Watch’s reasonable sticker price, however shockingly it’s anything but an enduring battery and lightweight, simple to-disregard, plan, so you’re not going to invest energy inactively tinkering with it or continually putting it on charge. Having the option to disregard a smartwatch when you’re not utilizing it’s anything but a major tick in support of its.

This smartwatch, then, at that point, is ideal for the individuals who need to watch out for their wellbeing and wellness, without requiring nuanced and nitty gritty breakdowns of their health. For that crowd, it’s very acceptable, however it misses the mark concerning being extraordinary.


Xiaomi Mi Watch price and availability

The Xiaomi Mi Watch costs £119 (around $165, AU$210). While we may see it come to Australia, Xiaomi doesn’t deliver its items in the US. That value makes it twice as costly as the Mi Watch Lite, its nearby kin and contemporary, while it’s anything but a nearby contender, the Fitbit Versa 3, which costs £199/$229/AU$399.


Similarly as with practically all smartwatches, the Xiaomi Mi Watch contains a body and two separable straps.The lashes are for some time, made of thermoplastic polyurethane (which feels like a blend among elastic and plastic), and have a lot of openings for the tie, which likewise assists with breathability. There are two managers to hold the overabundance tie set up, and generally the ties feel quite secure.

The watch face is round, with two crowns: one is utilized to explore to the application menu, and the other the exercises list. There aren’t any embellishments – this is a lovely plain gadget. It’s actual lightweight, tipping the scales at just shy of 40g, as it’s exceptionally barely noticeable the watch when it’s on your wrist.

We found that residue developed a smidgen between the drags and the closures of the lashes, yet this was not difficult to wipe off on the off chance that we eliminated the ties. You can purchase the Xiaomi Mi Watch in dark, blue or beige, with both the body and the ties coming in your preferred shade.



The Xiaomi Mi Watch show is 1.39 crawls across, and it’s genuinely brilliant, making it simple to see in direct daylight. It utilizes AMOLED tech, so it’s super-vivid, which is valuable as it makes it simple to see data when you look at it while working out.

We were shocked by how smooth movement on the screen felt, for instance while looking through menus or post-exercise breakdowns, and Xiaomi hasn’t uncovered the showcase invigorate rate we’d get it’s higher than on most smartwatches. A responsive-feeling screen like this can be a delight to utilize, particularly on the off chance that you haven’t encountered it previously.

There are only four watch countenances to browse on the gadget out of the container, yet on the application you can track down an immense choice of others to download. There’s no choice to utilize your own photograph as the foundation, however, something a couple of different watches offer, and there’s likewise no consistently in plain view.


Performance and software

The Xiaomi Mi Watch runs all alone smartwatch working framework, which is evidently founded on its cell phone OS, MIUI. From the primary watch face, you can swipe left or right to see a pulse chart, your energy level, your last night’s rest score, the current climate and air quality, your anxiety, a catch to check your blood oxygen level, music controls, and your action details for the afternoon (steps, calories consumed and dynamic hours).

Press the top crown and you get the application list; nonetheless, none of the symbols have titles, so it’s at first inconceivably befuddling to discover the element you’re searching for. Stopwatch, clock and alert all have clock symbols, for instance, so you’ll need to become acclimated to this application list.

When we became acclimated to the Mi Watch’s confounding menu, we discovered the interface somewhat more instinctive – you never need to swipe or tap through such a large number of menus to get to whichever instrument or highlight you’re searching for, and everything is reasonably spread out.

There’s notice taking care of here, so you can see messages from your telephone from certain applications, in spite of the fact that you can’t react from the watch. You additionally need to set up your telephone perfectly from the application, by empowering the right consents and settings, in any case warnings will not get gotten through – we can see less-well informed individuals having issues with this.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch utilizes the Xiaomi Wear application on your telephone, primarily for setting up the gadget and authorizations, yet it likewise allows you to get to more inside and out wellness data than you can see on the watch. It’s anything but precisely an exhaustive application, not contrasted with Fitbit or Huawei’s other options, yet it’s fine.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch presumably isn’t one to purchase in the event that you figure you may switch cell phones while utilizing it, however, as exchanging gadgets is a drivel that does not merit persevering. To spare the gritty details, you need to unpair the watch from the application, completely reset the smartwatch, then, at that point set the gadget up again. You will not lose any information saved to the application, however it’ll set aside time and exertion.



 The Xiaomi Mi Watch has 117 games modes – that is more than Wear OS or Huawei LiteOS smartwatches, and it incorporates famous modes like running and cycling, just as more specialty ones like stone climbing, expressive dance and hula-hooping.

That number may be swelled by the incorporation of different modes that are basically something very similar, however. It’s anything but clear how strolling, journeying and climbing are unique, for instance – the measurements followed for every one of the three are indistinguishable, similar to the subsequent details – yet they’re accessible as various modes.

We discovered voyaging exercises gave the most post-exercise following – after a run, for instance, you can see distance, time, calories copied, steps, rhythm, pace, speed, pulse, the impact of your preparation, recuperation time, your energy burned-through (in view of the energy meter and your V02 max). Rhythm, speed and pulse are completely displayed on charts as well.

You can get more data by means of the Xiaomi Wear application, like a plot of your course on a guide, just as kilometer-by-kilometer breakdowns, and you’ll have to utilize the application to take advantage of the Xiaomi Mi Watch.

We for the most part discovered the measurements followed by the watch to be precise, except for distance, in spite of the reality the watch has underlying GPS. The distances were somewhat conflicting – on our customary 8km run we consistently got results that were up to 500m either side of that.

The way that this watch has implicit GPS is imperative however, as not all minimal expense smartwatches have the component. This implies you can go out traveling without your cell phone, and still have area information followed.

In the event that the wellness modes were alright, the wellbeing highlights were fairly more suspect. There’s ‘energy’, which discloses to you how much energy you have out of nowhere dependent on your rest and exercises; rest following, which gives you a breakdown of your various kinds of rest; and stress observing, which gives you a degree of how focused on you are.

We had issues with each of the three. The pressure following information appeared to bear no connection to how focused on we really felt, and oftentimes finished or disparaged that we were so pushed to a hilarious degree (and it’s anything but somewhat of a joke). Also, energy depended distinctly on what the watch followed, so on the off chance that we woke up feeling depleted or ate a sweet tidbit, the watch didn’t have the foggiest idea about this, so the energy level wasn’t influenced. In this way, it had little connection to how much energy we really had.


Battery life

As per Xiaomi the Mi Watch has a 16-day battery life, albeit dependent on our testing we’d mark that down to around 12-14 days – however that is still quite extraordinary, given that your Apple Watches or Fitbit Watches will just go a little while before you need to control them up.

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